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Residential Septic System

Choosing the Right Septic System for Your Home or Business

Before we install your septic tank, you’ll want to custom design the entire system as well as choose different components and features that work for your home or business. Below are some of the different types of septic systems that you can choose from and what each has to offer.

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What You Can Expect with a Septic Tank Inspection

We recommend that you have your septic tank inspected every three years. This ensures that it is working properly and that it is in peak condition through every season. Septic Check offers a comprehensive septic tank inspections. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect when we asses your residential or commercial septic system.

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What to Expect When You Call For Septic Repair

Chances are that when you purchased your home and were told that it had a septic tank and fields, you didn't pay very much attention. If you're like most homeowners, your septic system is definitely something that is out of sight and out of mind. You might be surprised to know that this is how septic systems were designed to be this way. In order to maintain this hands-off approach, however, you'll have to do your part.

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Five Drain Clog Hacks You Should Know

So, you’re facing a clogged drain but don’t worry, you don’t need to call a plumbing team right away, there are a few tricks available to you, and none are terribly expensive. Professional help is always advised, but it doesn’t always have to be your first resort. If you think the clog is minimal, try out these five clogged drain hacks.

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Why Septic Maintenance Service Is Important

Your septic system is an integral component of your household. It is solely responsible for removing the waste from your home, which ensures both your family’s health and the health of your community. As such, you should get septic maintenance as needed to ensure your system continues to function as it should.

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The Importance of Septic Maintenance

When's the last time you thought about your septic system? Was it this morning when you were in the bathroom, getting ready for your day? Chances are that even if you had a leisurely morning of getting ready, that you never thought about your septic system. That's okay! Most homeowners don't give a second thought to their septic systems. In the best case scenario, you won't have to give much thought to this vital system of your home. 

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Are Your Trees Affecting Your Septic System?

If you live in a rural area, then it’s likely that you have a septic system that transports waste from your home. Much like a fully functional electrical system, having a properly working septic system in your home is critical.

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Poor Plumbing Can Lead to a Poor Performing Septic System

Two of the most overlooked systems in your home, your plumbing system and septic system are two of the most important systems. Although many homeowners are more familiar with their plumbing system, they don’t realize how much it impacts their septic system. Without proper care for your plumbing system, you could inadvertently hamper your septic system. To ensure both your systems last for years, you can employ these strategies to protect your home plumbing.

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Are Commercial Septic Systems Different than Residential Ones?

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a local sewer system, or if you prefer to manage the waste from your building onsite rather than using the public system, you may have wondered if there are differences between a commercial and residential septic system. Although they function on the same basic concepts, the commercial septic system is typically going to be larger. Additionally, the commercial system may require additional treatment before dispersing the waste.

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Do I Need an Engineered Septic System?

What is the big deal about an engineered septic system, anyway?  Shouldn’t septic system professionals be able to provide a septic system design service and install a system for a reasonable cost without adding what appears to be an unnecessary level of “expertise?”

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