A septic system may seem invincible, but there's plenty of products that can easily destroy its inner workings. Thankfully, we're going to cover some of the specific products that should absolutely not be put in your septic tank. With this being said, here's a look at some products to avoid putting in your septic tank.

Products That Don't Mix

Some of the products listed below may seem questionable, but all should be considered before flushing. Such products to avoid flushing are:

  • Non-Biodegradable Products - There's a long list of non-biodegradable products that should absolutely not be flushed. Such products that shouldn't be flushed are cereal, coffee grounds, strings, rags, bandages, hair, condoms, cigarette butts, tampons, and any other solid or chemical non-biodegradable product.
  • Anti-Bacterial/Non-Biodegradable Soaps - Some soaps have a hard time with your septic system, with "biocompatable" soaps being the worst on your drain.
  • Facial/Hand Wipes, Diapers, or Baby Wipes - No matter what the manufacturer says, it's more than likely that the product isn't safe for flushing. Throw this type of waste in the garbage.
  • Dead Pets - Don't send a dead pet out to sea via toilet. The toilet is a place for waste and it isn't a cementery.
  • Heavy Doses of Toilet Cleaner - Brands such as Mr. Bubbles or Dow's can ruin your septic system if used in heavy doses.
  • Hard Toilet Paper - If the toilet paper isn't soft and has trouble going down, it's time to switch over to something that doesn't ruin your septic tank.

Products That Do Mix

To put flushing in perspective, if you couldn't or wouldn't eat it... it shouldn't be flushed down the drain. Of course this doesn't go for all things that get flushed, but it is a good way to imagine how a septic tank has to handle a product. Flushing some of the product above on accident won't necessarily destroy your septic system, but you should have your septic tank checked out every two to three years to avoid problems in the future.

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