Given that there are 1,200 products strongly advising homeowners to enhance the effectiveness of their sewage treatment systems, it’s understandable that people feel pressured to literally pour their money down the toilet.  Who wouldn’t spend a few moments flushing a product to avoid septic repair services in the future?

Septic tank additives are not new; studies on these products go back four decades and, sadly, haven’t proved if they work.  there is no standard testing method so it’s difficult to get a fair comparison of results.

What are septic additives?

There are two types of additives that you can add— chemical and biological.  It should be stressed, no product will ever get you out of regular septic maintenance.  You must have your septic system emptied by a professional regularly.  Residential septic systems are usually a two-year cycle and commercial septic systems, well, that depends so consult the septic design service that performed your septic system installation for a good answer there.

Biological additives are living organisms like yeast, bacteria, or enzymes.  A healthy septic system will have bacteria working away in the septic tank.  They can die when certain items are flushed down the toilet, including bleach, medications, and drain cleaners.  Biological additives can replenish what was lost but too much biological activity can push solids out of the holding tank and into the soil absorption area.  Then you’ll need septic repair services.

Chemicals are often effective cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, or more harsh liquids such as sulfuric acid or formaldehyde, baking soda.  These might harm the good bacteria you want working in the tank or degrade the absorption quality of the soils in the septic field.

What should I put into my septic system?

The answer is pee, poo, and toilet paper.  That’s it.  Human fecal matter contains the bacteria that a properly designed and maintained septic system needs.  Save your money.  You’ve been adding the right materials all along!

Spend your hard earned cash on regular septic maintenance service.  A professional like Septic Check can evaluate your sewer system and, if there is a problem like die off, correct the situation to the right level of bacteria.  You’ll also learn if you need a more frequent pump out to avoid solids moving into the septic field, if you can go a bit longer between pump outs, or if freezing temperatures in Milaca, Princeton, Zimmerman, Elk River, Mora, Ogilvie, Foreston, Foley, isle, Onamia, Garrison, Malmo, Waukon, Cambridge, Isanti, Santigo, Becker and Braham have negatively impacted the system.