Everyone assumes their septic system will continue to work, even if they ignore it for years. Like other systems in your home, you must maintain your septic system. With the potential to cause serious problems both inside and outside your home, it’s important that you become aware of the common problems many septic systems face. When you know the symptoms, you can take steps early to fix the problem before these problems get too bad.

Tree Roots Interfere with Your Septic System

Most people have trees in their yards. Trees help to enhance a home’s exteriors. They also help to prevent erosion. However, tree roots and septic systems don’t agree. Over time, tree roots can lead to damaged pipes in your drainfield, which would ultimately affect the performance of your septic system.

Lack of Maintenance Causes Backups

Your septic system should be serviced at least once every two years. If you have a large family, then you may want to get your system maintained more often. By getting maintenance, you can avoid problems with pipe blockages and backups. Additionally, when you hire a professional, they’ll let you know about problems with your septic system as part of the septic maintenance service.

Sewer Clogs Prevent Toilets from Flushing

Your toilet is one of the main components responsible for removing waste from your home. Unfortunately, a sewer clog in your underground pipes can prevent your toilet from doing its job. You’ll know you have a block if only your toilet is affected while other components of your plumbing system continue to work properly.

Old Iron Pipes Lead to Seepage

Another common problem that could lead to seepage is old iron pipes. Although these pipes last for years, it’s likely they’ll decay, allowing sewage to seep out into the surrounding soil. If this happens, then you could have a problem with sewage atop your lawn. Raw sewage isn’t simply a health hazard. It’s also a hazard to the environment. If the problem persists, sewage could affect the quality of your drinking water and make households in the area sick.

Although robust, your septic system is a delicate system that requires maintenance. Without maintenance, you’ll face common problems that are both expensive and inconveniencing. If you are ready to get your sewer serviced, give our team at Septic Check a call today.