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Does My Septic Tank Need Help Breaking Down Solids?

Given that there are 1,200 products strongly advising homeowners to enhance the effectiveness of their sewage treatment systems, it’s understandable that people feel pressured to literally pour their money down the toilet.  Who wouldn’t spend a few moments flushing a product to avoid septic repair services in the future?

Managing Wintertime Freezing

If you live in Florida or Southern California, count yourself lucky that you've never known the trials and tribulations of Wintertime pipe freezing. Everything from the septic pipes themselves to the leach line to the water source can freeze on you and leave you without a working toilet until, possibly, the Spring.

How Often Will I Need To Have My Holding Or Septic Tank Pumped?

Holding tanks need to be pumped depending on the water usage of a given residence and the size of the tank. Most are equipped with alarms indicating when the holding tank is full. Failure to pump a holding tank will lead to waste water backing up into the house or surfacing on the ground. Many holding tanks need to be pumped every 6-8 weeks, but seasonal residences may only need to be pumped once or twice a year.