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We use the same caring attitude in our installations as in our designs and strive to minimize site disruption. Based on our experience with repairing and maintaining septic systems, we have seen how component quality and installation technique can affect performance and life of a drainfield.

It is our experience that using high quality materials and superior construction practices, such as paying great attention to details when sealing tank connections and risers, provides the greatest long term value.
We will build a system from your design or ours.
We guarantee the quality of our work with an industry leading 5 Year Limited Warranty against defects in design, assembly and installation.

New or existing sites
We install septic systems throughout the state of Minnesota for new construction, updates or expansion for older systems, or replacement systems. We have broad experience working on small or difficult sites, and in environmentally sensitive areas such as lakeshore properties and old growth forests.
Standard or advanced systems
We have expertise building all types of septic systems from mounds, trenches, and pressure beds to the most advanced systems.  Our experience allows us to deliver a high quality product, no matter what your needs.
High quality products
We only use the highest quality products available.  We absolutely refuse to use substandard materials. We are continually searching for new products and technologies that provide the best results for our customers, and offer better protection for the environment.
High quality construction techniques
We take the same care in building your system as we would with our own.  Our installation techniques help prevent freezing and premature failure due to groundwater infiltration.  We also install components to assure efficient long term maintenance access.
Landscaped finish
Our crew takes pride in leaving you with a landscaped finish. We hand rake and seed before we leave.  We can also provide some other landscaping services if you desire.
Coordinating inspections with permitting authorities
We schedule and handle inspections as part of the installation process.
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We'd love to discuss your project
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