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The goals of septic system management are to ensure long life for your system, safeguard public health and the environment, and save you money. Regular maintenance protects your investment by maximizing system life. Septic Check offers customized maintenance service and onsite inspections to assure optimal system operation, and compliance with operating permit requirements.

Septic Check operates and maintains all types of onsite systems. In addition to standard systems, our skilled technicians service a variety of treatment systems and technologies such as:

Tanks and collection

  • Sewer lines

  • Grinder pump stations

  • Lift stations

  • Septic tanks

  • Effluent screens

Treatment systems

  • Aerobic treatment

  • Textile filter treatment

  • Peat filter treatment

  • Recirculating gravel filter

  • Sand filters

  • Membrane filters

  • Constructed wetlands

  • UV disinfection

Dispersal systems

  • Pressure bed drainfield dispersal

  • Trench drainfield dispersal

  • Mound drainfield dispersal

  • Gravelless drainfield dispersal

  • Infiltration Trenches

  • Drip irrigation

All conventional septic systems have a finite life. Even properly used, drainfield rock eventually becomes plugged with the by-products of treating sewage.

Misuse can accelerate failure:

  • Accumulation of solids in tanks not removed regularly can clog soil treatment systems.

  • Excess water use or leaky fixtures can cause overloading.

  • Use of medications and certain household products can inhibit proper function.

  • Inappropriate activities on the soil treatment area can cause compaction.

All of these situations which shorten the useful life of a system can be detected through regularly scheduled maintenance, and a plan can be implemented to correct them. Identified early, most problems can be corrected at little cost. Regular maintenance will save you money over the long run.

Septic Check check-up

To create your customized maintenance plan, we begin with an initial site assessment. We will:

  • Conduct an interview so we can understand how you use your system.

  • Check current condition of all system components.

  • Discuss with you the system condition and maintenance needs.

  • Verify the requirements of any existing permit.

  • Develop a customized maintenance plan and recommend frequency of regular inspections and septic tank pumping.

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