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Our service areas in Minnesota cover the majority of Mille Lacs County, Kanabec County, Sherburne County & Benton County including cities such as Milaca, Ogilvie, Mora, Princeton, Zimmerman, Isle, Onamia, Aitkin, Wahkon, Garrison, and surrounding areas.

We have a well-maintained fleet of trucks and equipment allowing our technicians to respond to almost any pumping situation in a timely matter.

The goals of septic system management are to ensure long life for your system, safeguard public health and the environment, and save you money. Regular maintenance protects your investment by maximizing system life. Septic Check offers customized maintenance service and onsite inspections to assure optimal system operation, and compliance with operating permit requirements.

We do more than just pump your tank; we complete a Septic Check check-up:

Pump and clean septic tank and lift station

- Utilize crust buster tank agitator and/or back flushing to remove more solids

Tank inspection including the baffles

- Check for infiltration

- Inspect the pump and alarm system

- Inspect and clean filters

- Walk around inspection of drainfield
Septic Cleaning Services
Septic Tank Inspection
Cleaning your septic tank(s) is an important part of routine septic system maintenance. Most systems should be pumped and cleaned every 1 to 3 years depending on use.
Septic Pumping Services
Septic Cleaning Services

Keep In Mind.....

All conventional septic systems have a finite life. Even properly used, drainfield rock eventually becomes plugged with the by-products of treating sewage.

Misuse can accelerate failure:

  • Accumulation of solids in tanks not removed regularly can clog soil treatment systems.

  • Excess water use or leaky fixtures can cause overloading.

  • Use of medications and certain household products can inhibit proper function.

  • Inappropriate activities on the soil treatment area can cause compaction.

Septic Failure
All of these situations which shorten the useful life of a system can be detected through regularly scheduled maintenance, and a plan can be implemented to correct them. Identified early, most problems can be corrected at little cost. Regular maintenance will save you money over the long run.

Our scheduling and dispatch software notifies customers when the service tech in on the way and when the job is complete via email or text notification. Giving you peace of mind the job was done when you asked. This tool even allows you to see where the service tech is when they are on the way to your property.

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